6 Apr

rolesWe’ll each write at greater length about our roles within the group more specifically, but here’s an outline of it for starters:

Optimization: Jim Wiser

Organization: Cory Hughart

Ideation: Andrew Kuhar

Experimentation: Matthew Barton

These roles are not exclusive jobs, however. We’re all participating in the construction of our own levels, for instance, as well as aiding in the help of another’s – anything in the above list can encompass that. What the roles do provide is some much needed special-attention to those things that make for a successful game-project in our eyes. It’s invaluable to have someone specifically keeping check and spear-heading a component of a project that adds up to sum of its parts. This way, we can each construct our own levels, and have someone close-by to reference for a specific issue or concern.

In my case, that happens to be Ideation:

  • Theoretical game research and application.
  • Lead analysis of playtest results to solve design-based faults.
  • Propose and document initial solutions based on playtesting data.

As you might notice, some of these responsibilities are intended to have some synergy with the other roles. When problems should be solved in a creative means then, rather than a tehcnical/numeric complication for instance, I’m the one to first address it and work on it initially. In addition there are many groups and individuals that know more about this process than us, so reading relevant material often is important; while I’ll check up on community forums, I’m also invested in writings on game theory from McKenzie Wark to Ian Bogost.

We’re not establishing any “Lead’s” considering the scope of the project and because there is plenty of familiar labor to go around anyways. It’s only to our benefit we’re each working in the same vein, in the hopes that the campaign will look and feel cohesive.


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