Experimentation : This will sting a little…

7 Apr

I’d like to introduce myself to the blog! I’m the English guy…

Experimentation was the best term we could come up with that suited the role of figuring out the Source SDK and it’s capabilities when creating a new Left 4 Dead campaign. I have accepted this role despite having the least experience in mapping for source games, the idea being that I can get up to speed and move ahead into the ‘backdoor’ territory of mapping for L4Din a pre-official L4D SDK world, for the projects sake and my own. So far this process has been successful and I’ve really got the tools under control.

As a result of these investigations I’m creating a simple text document with details on how to work with L4D specific controls in the SDK, such as appropriate names for entities and how they work.

My most recent How To is available right here for all to see, and in the end, I hope it provides simple enough access to the information not only for the team, but also for the source modding community as a whole.



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