The Modcast – Episode 1: Introductions & Imagination

13 Jul

ModcastIcon340_E1_BlogToday we introduce ourselves as we discuss our first gaming experiences, tragic yet beloved franchises, the state of imagination, and the seeds of mod-making as we’ve matured with them – wrapped up with previews into our Left4Dead campaign project. So join us for the digital ice-breaking as we try to make sense of the games that, only a decade ago, seemed to be the only thing that made any sense in the first place.

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– Show notes + credits –

Cast (By order of introduction): Jim Wiser, Cory Hughart, Matthew Barton, Alex Morsch, & Andrew Kuhar. Special guest-voice: Amish Gramish – Community Manager at ThatGameCompany forums.

Music (By order of appearance): Waterworks Soundtrack (Instrumentals), Andrew Kuhar | White Winter Hymnal, Fleet Foxes | Subterranean Homesick Alien, Radiohead | The Flying Club Cup, Beirut | Black Swan, Thom Yorke.

To contact the creator of the show, please message Andrew at: akuhar -at-
The Modcast is independently written, recorded, and produced outside of institute facilities and assets.


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