The Modcast – Episode 2: From England, with Questions

22 Aug


Matthew hosts the second Modcast from England (from the past!) as we discuss under the roof of Difficulty in Games. Introducing a new question & answer format, hear the anecdotes and insights of genre defining challenges, a cameo from the founder of, spontaneously combusting controllers, and much more in this marathon episode. To close, peer artist Larry Michel gives his take as an interior designer constructing his first Team Fortress 2 map.

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Show Notes + Credits

Cast: Matthew Barton, Cory Hughart, Andrew Kuhar, Alex Morsch, Jim Wiser + Daniel J. Griffin & Larry Michel. Special Guest Voice – Daniel (Immortal-D), Founder & Co-Owner of

Special thanks to Daniel J. Griffin and his Sound Engineer roomate, Dave Towne, for helping with the live recording logistics and physical hosting.

Music: Beck, “Chemtrails” | Coldplay, “Yes” | Andrew Kuhar, Waterworks Soundtrack

To contact the creator of the show, please message Andrew at: akuhar -at-
The Modcast is independently written, recorded, and produced outside of institute facilities and assets.


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