More Orange Leaves, Less Orange Walls

9 Sep
Arena Harvest, a cutsom Team Fortress 2 map by user, heyo

Arena Harvest, a custom Team Fortress 2 map by member, Sean "Heyo" Cutino.

It’s been an interesting semester so far for the crew. Two weeks in, and already we’re getting acquainted to being in the studio late, iterating thesis projects, and working on another collaborative effort with CWRU for our Game Production course. Episode 3 of The Modcast is in the works. Thank you to everyone who tuned into episode 2 and subscribed through iTunes. I’ve seen a significant growth in the listenership from Episode 1, and while we’ve got ways to go in the echelons of podcasting we’re looking at ways to better carve ourselves out a space in the medium, and at the least I’m pleased with its progress. Expect to hear about more process oriented talk, and a further refined format and fidelity in the audio.

As the harvest season kicks in, Oktoberfests taking place and the neighborhood Starbucks offering the Pumpkin Spice Latte, we’re seeing more orange leaves, but less orange walls. “Orange walls” are in reference to a popular texture (a strong-colored orange grid) used in Source Engine maps when prototyping level designs. What I mean by all this is that we’ve put the L4D Zoo Campaign on an indefinite hold – I’m speaking on the group’s behalf here, though we’ve vocalized this concern with each other as the semester began. Finding the time to even test the maps, let alone get the AI working ideally in each one, is becoming slimmer each month and rather unrealistic with every other project coming into our semester. This doesn’t stop us though from posting and podcasting by any means on numerous other projects that pertain to game design, Source Engine, and artwork relevant to the medium. Currently, I’m trying to finds ways to convert this space into something that more accurately represents our collaborative efforts, which really extend far beyond the L4D campaign quite frankly.

The topic for this month’s Modcast is being deliberated on, but I’ll be sure we chose something interesting and more specific.


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