7 Apr

Some small updates in this rather informal post (then again, how formal are blogs anyways?):

1. Last episode of the Modcast I said we’d be back for Pt. 3 of our current mini-series in a couple weeks. That was more than a few weeks ago by now. I decided it’d be best to hold back on Pt. 3 & Pt. 4 until after ChromaWaves is officially released. The game has been finished for a good month now, ready for submission to Apple, but processing and opening accounts to get the process started has been taking longer than we anticipated. Just know that the game is indeed set to be available, and as soon as it’s within our capacity and officially approved for release, it will be.

2. Cory was nice enough to update one of our most popular posts on the site, regarding the generation of NAV files in L4D. He’s thrown a disclaimer on it at the beginning explaining that the list he made there is dated by now, and to proceed using it in your experiments in Source with caution.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more podcasts, posts, and updates after our Spring semester comes to a close.


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