The Modcast – Episode 5: ChromaWaves, Choices

26 Feb

How some college students went about making difficult yet necessary choices to develop an ambient color-mixing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch: ChromaWaves. In part 1 of this mini-series, we exhaust the decision making process to getting there.

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Show Notes + Credits

Cast: Chris Jennewein, Felix Yuan, Matthew Barton, Jim Wiser,
Narration: Andrew Kuhar

Music: ChromaWaves Soundtrack | Andrew Kuhar | Jesse Lee | Kevin Che | Ming Hwang

To learn more about ChromaWaves, visit the official website at
To contact the creator of the show, please message Andrew at:
akuhar -at-

The Modcast is independently written, recorded, and produced.


2 Responses to “The Modcast – Episode 5: ChromaWaves, Choices”


  1. The Modcast – Students of Game Design | CastMedium - March 2, 2010

    […] Episode 5, to announce their new game, ChromaWaves, in collaboration with student programmers from Case […]

  2. Cory Hughart | ChromaWaves (iOS) - December 4, 2014

    […] Visit the official ChromaWaves website for more details about the game, and see this write up by fellow artist Andrew Kuhar on Bitmob VentureBeat, who also produced a series of podcasts about the development process and what we learned, accessible at the Escape Route blog. […]

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